Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Crochet Basket

The other day I was organizing my craft closet and found tons of unused crochet hooks and needles. I also found a bunch of yarn, completely unidentifiable in amount, fabric or specific color. So, I found this neat little pattern on for making little crochet baskets. It's by Bernat and the free pattern can be found here.

I'm just now finishing attaching the base to the sides and realize it needs to be "stiffened" by starch or "fabric stiffener". Of course, I don't have any here. So, I looked online and found numerous recipes for making your own fabric stiffener. It looks like the best option is to use the real stuff so I'll have to save saying it's completely done until I get a trip to Michaels.

Here's a picture of it unstarched but with some DVD's holding it's shape. It turned out pretty good.