Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Loopy Weekend

Directions first.  Editorial second.  How to make a Fruit Loopy Scarf
What I did here:

CO 9 (using big needles - US 13 I think)
Knit garter for almost the entire skein of Juliblee (54 yards)
Knit 3 (will be the loops on the right)
BO 3 (will be the column)
Keep 3 stitches on left needle (will be the loops on the left)
Drop 3 stitches from right needle and carefully unravel each loop
Do the same for left needle
It only took about 1.5 hours to knit and 1/2 hour to loop.

I didn't knot them at the column of each loop as I did it but I wish I did. Due to the varying thickness of the yarns, one side unraveled strangely and the loops weren't very neat.  Knotting would have fixed that.  I also wish I would've made the loops longer by casting on 4 stitches on either side of the column so when they were knotted they wouldn't be so nubby.  Finally, using very thick yarn, I probably would only make the column 2 stitches wide.  That's more a personal preference than anything else.


My mother-in-law recently asked me for a fun scarf to go with her hot pink pea coat she got for Christmas.  After searching my stash, I discovered the only thing I had matching her color request was some Madeline Tosh Sock in Peony.  I needed something pretty quick and knitting a shawl/scarf that I know she'd love, with that yarn would take me too long with my limited knitting time.  Breaking my "Stash Buying 2013" rule, I packed up my daughter and went to a big box store to find some big inexpensive yarn.  

I had in mind trying something new but didn't know what to use or how it would turn out so I didn't want to spend too much.  I found a new yarn called Jubilee (by Loops & Threads) that isn't even on Ravelry yet and after more contemplation than my "patient" daughter would allow, picked up some Paton's Grace and figured out two other yarns at home that would work.

Over the past couple years, my mother and I have seen those loopy skinny scarves at all the street fairs and crafty shows we go to.  Every time, I look at them and tell her we could do that.  I can't believe some were made simply of ribbon yarn and were selling for over $50!  Silly.  At one local festival, a lady I recognized from our local Ravelry yarn group (although I had not met her previously) said she had a pattern for similar scarves on her profile page for sale.  I purchased it (for $7 which I thought was a little much for a simple pattern) to support someone local, and figured that was the perfect thing for my MIL.

As it turns out, I didn't really used her pattern since it's more of an edging technique than a pattern but I did make a loopy scarf that I think Wanda will love.  Here's the pic (not a very good one, I'm afraid) and my notes on how I did it are below.  

I really like how it turned out and it's perfect for my MIL.  But it was so ugly as I knit the garter stitch that my husband said there was no way I was giving it to his mom.  I wish I took a picture of the WIP.  There was Fun Fur sticking out and blobs everywhere caused by the changing thickness of the Jubilee.  It was pretty ugly.  But he loved the finished product and can't wait for his mom to see it.