Monday, June 18, 2012

No Interest in Knitting - Scary!

I didn't get much knitting done this weekend.  Not because it was Father's Day ergo I was subject to my hubby's whims.  It was mostly because I was having such a nice time not knitting with my family. Strange, I know.  Especially since we were floating around in a little boat fishing for five hours which normally would be ideal time for knitting.

First, we found our own private island and had a picnic. 
 No interest in knitting while Bit ran after the fiddler crabs
Next we found the perfect fishing spot.
You can see that it was a glorious day.
Matthew finally hooked something other than little sharks and it was BIG!
He was letting run a bit when I took the picture but there were times when he was fighting it that the rod was practically bent in half.  No knitting done for about an hour as he fought it.  Too much excitement.

Finally, the big one got away.  It was getting late and we were a ways out so we headed back. By the time we got home, cleaned the boat, made dinner and got Bit to bed, we were beat.  One glass of wine and one or two paragraphs of my book and I was out.  No knitting until tomorrow.