Monday, June 25, 2012

What's Her Secret?: Sun City great-grandmother knits for her family

I'd like to share a story about a woman (who happens to be my Pastor's mother) that was in our local paper.  

What's Her Secret?: Sun City great-grandmother knits for her family |

I work in the office at my church which consists mostly of people over the age of 75.  Of course, everyone was excited that the pastor's mother was in the paper (stuff like that is big news on a small island I guess).  I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that most of the older folks said how nice it was for the paper to write a nice article about such a sweet little hobby.

My reaction surprised them.  I had to stand up for our art!  It's not just a hobby!  It's not a dying or lost tradition!  It's not exclusive to little old grandmas (no offense Helen - from the article) nor is it exclusive to women!  And if last week's events with the American Olympic Committee is any type of indicator, we are not passive artisans to be ignored.

So, I pulled out a project bag (that of course I always have with me) with my Storm Cloud lace shawl, then I produced a hand crocheted ditty bag with a half finished sock (that I work on while in line at the bank, etc), then I started on and on about some magic web site that transformed me from a dish cloth making drone into full blown artisan using hand spun and indie-dyed wool and even dabbling in some design.  I pointed out my recently completed colorful Miami Beach Shawl draped over my office chair and they stared at me in utter confusion as I explained SABLE (Stash Aquistion Beyond Life Expentancy) and world wide yarn bombing.  I went on and on about my knitting friends, of all demographics, and our adventures in fiber.  

"That's sweet, Dear" one of them said.  At that, I was ready to poke my eye out with a dpn.  I quietly went back into my office to get some work done so I would have time later in the day to bind off my shawl.