Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rav Games 2014

There certainly wasn't as much mainstream public hoopla about these Olympic style fiber games as there was before the London games but there was drama on Ravelry behind the scenes. I won't go into it, because frankly, I stopped reading all the comments and opinions when the dislike button numbers far exceeded the other buttons combined on what seemed like every post.
Having participated in every one of the games since the inclusion of them on Rav, I was worried we wouldn't have one for Sochi. And, if we did, would anyone play along since the general interpretation seemed to be it was too complicated to participate. I was relieved when a bunch of members stepped up and saved the Games. Through their generous offering of time and effort (not to mention Casey's brilliance on the coding end), we did have a mass cast-on and I am thrilled.

For my part, I volunteered to be Team Captain for the first time and vowed to make it as simple and enjoyable as possible for our team. No long threads to read, no interpretation of complicated tagging, just a couple simple requirements to ensure our projects were included. The rest of the stuff I sorted out on my own and brought only the interesting and helpful parts to our team board. I've learned a lot but discovered what I suspected all along, KISS.

So far, I personally am entered in three events and crossed the finish line in two of them.

Here are my WIP's Dancing and Aerial Unwind entries:
Long lost UFO found in one of my bins.
With only one wedge to go, I don't know how it got lost in there.

Formally my Downton Abbey Gauntlets from a KAL with Jimmy Beans.
My most agressive entry ever in the Rav Games is a sweater.  I've never knit something fitted like a sweater and I'm a little nervous.  But that's really what the Games are about.  To challenge a person and have fun.  So, I'm doing both.

Wish me luck!